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Madonna has an uncanny ability to keep up with the times and make forward-thinking financial decisions. The pop culture icon has a no-nonsense approach to everything: from her career, to her estimated net worth of an astonishing $850 million in 2023, to her impressive 300-piece art collection.

We show the true colors of some of the bad boys of the art world. That does not make us love their art any less. But it does send a message.

Art has been used as a powerful propaganda tool throughout history, and social and political movements across the globe have been using art to further their agenda.

The rise of blockchain technology and the advent of Web3 have presented us with a unique opportunity to create a more environmentally sustainable world. So what’s the verdict: feasible or too good to be true?

How do artists do digital art and why is it important that we embrace digital art as a legitimate form of art? Read on!

There is something aristocratic about felines that has captivated human imagination for millennia, and lo and behold, cats have been the subject of many paintings throughout the varied history of art.

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