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From Graffiti to Fine Art: London’s Saatchi Gallery Showcases Beyond the Streets Exhibition

Beyond the Streets London, hosted by London’s Saatchi Gallery, is the ultimate act of vindication of street and graffiti art.

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Street art has long been a symbol of rebellion and creative expression in urban areas. From graffiti tags to elaborate murals, these works of art are often created illegally and without the permission of the property owner. Despite this, street art has gained increasing recognition and appreciation over the years, with some pieces selling for millions of dollars and appearing in prestigious museums and galleries.

At its core, street art is a form of expression that challenges the traditional boundaries of art and the art world. It often addresses social and political issues, highlighting the struggles of marginalized communities and questioning the status quo. This is especially significant in a society where art has historically been elitist and inaccessible to the masses. It also provides a platform for artists who may not have the means or opportunities to exhibit their work in traditional galleries. This inclusivity is a crucial aspect of street art, as it allows a diverse range of voices and perspectives to be heard and seen. It also offers a way for artists to connect with their local communities and bring people together through art.

Of course, street art is not without its controversies. Many property owners and city officials view it as vandalism and illegal, leading to the removal and destruction of many works. Despite these challenges, street art remains a vital and significant part of contemporary art and culture. Its ability to challenge norms, provide a platform for marginalized voices, and beautify urban spaces makes it a powerful force for change and creativity. As the art world continues to evolve, it is clear that street art will continue to play an important role in shaping the way we think about art and its place in society.

The Unveiling of Urban Street Art: Beyond the Streets

beyond the streets exhibition london

BEYOND THE STREETS, a groundbreaking street art exhibition, took place in Los Angeles in 2018, showcasing the evolution of street art over the past four decades. Curated by Roger Gastman, a renowned street art expert, the exhibition featured works by more than 100 artists, showcasing street art’s diverse styles and techniques, including graffiti, muralism, photography, and sculpture. The exhibition aimed to highlight the influence of street art on contemporary culture and celebrate the artists who have dedicated their lives to this art form. The exhibition features various notable artworks such as a massive shower curtain installation by Takashi Murakami in collaboration with MADSAKI, a chapel displaying paintings by the renowned artist Mister Cartoon, and a massive mural at the entrance by RETNA. 

BEYOND THE STREETS is not your typical art exhibition. It’s a statement of rebellion, freedom, and self-expression. The art on display is loud, bold, and unapologetic. It’s a showcase of the creativity and innovation of the street art movement, a visual journey through the history of street art, from its early beginnings in the 1970s to the present day.

Beyond the Streets Exhibition Takes Over the Saatchi Gallery

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The contemporary street art scene has been flourishing in recent years, and the latest exhibition to celebrate it is BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON. The exhibition opened on February 17th at the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London, marking the first time the exhibition has been held in Europe. After Los Angeles and New York City, the London opening is the third iteration of the show, and it promises to be the most impressive yet.

The exhibition features works by more than 150 artists, including Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Invader, as well as works by London-based artists such as MODE2 and Malcolm McLaren. These artists have made their mark on the streets of cities around the world, and their work has become an integral part of the urban landscape. The exhibition is divided into several sections, each exploring different aspects of the street art movement. Visitors can expect to see a wide range of works, from large-scale murals to intricate stencil designs and mixed media installations. 

One of the most exciting aspects of the exhibition is the opportunity to see works by artists who are not typically represented in traditional galleries. Many of the pieces on display were created specifically for the exhibition, and visitors can expect to see a wide range of styles and techniques.

Street Art Takes Center Stage as a Cultural Movement

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Dubbed the most comprehensive exhibition of graffiti and street art to ever be seen in the United Kingdom, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is a vibrant celebration of street culture. For the first time in eight years, the Saatchi Gallery will be entirely dedicated to a single exhibition. With more than 150 artists showcasing their talent with original artworks, photographs, interactive installations, and archival fashion pieces, visitors can explore the history of street art and how it has evolved over the years. The show is curated by Roger Gastman, a renowned graffiti historian and collector who has spent nearly 30 years researching and collecting street art from all over the world. It’s a celebration of the remarkable achievements in graffiti, street art, hip-hop and punk rock scenes, documented and immortalized by incredible artists.

BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON will explore the groundbreaking effects of underground art and culture, from graffiti-adorned trains to social activism. It aims to demonstrate the influence it has had over the decades on fashion, music, art, and culture as a whole. 

Step Inside the World of Street Art

BEYOND THE STREETS is not just an exhibition of street art – it’s a celebration of a movement that has become an integral part of our culture. The exhibition is a testament to the power of art to transform our public spaces, and to the creativity and ingenuity of the artists who are driving this movement forward.

If you are in London and have an interest in street art, BEYOND THE STREETS LONDON is not to be missed. The exhibition is open until May 9th, 2023, giving visitors plenty of time to explore the works on display and experience the energy and excitement of the street art scene.