Printmaking is believed to have existed for a long time, with the artistic processes to reproduce images and writing, gradually evolving.

In the simplest terms, prints are multiple iterations of a work of art. But there are so many kinds of prints, and their history is no less intriguing. Here's our complete guide to prints.

AI has a pivotal role to play in art conservation and restoration, helping make the once-impossible possible and fill in the missing pieces.

What better way to honor both the International Women’s Day together with the incredible juggernauts of female art than to take a closer look at some of the women who redefined art over the course of the fast-paced 20th century?

Minimalism was a post-World War II visual arts movement that peaked in the US in the late 1960s and early 1970s. But what was it about?

Ever wondered what are some of the most romantic paintings ever made? Here are five paintings about love that fill our hearts with affection!

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